by Nobody Wave

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released August 4, 2010

All songs written by Chris Kokiousis and performed by Nobody Wave. Use of artwork from Charles Knight's "Old England: A Pictorial Museum."



all rights reserved


Nobody Wave Thousand Oaks, California

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Track Name: Birthday Blackout
I wanna bathe in your something great
Hand on her shoulder, you return, so long
I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy
Track Name: These Girls
Many girls, they talk until they're blind
I'll be the one to find the right type or kind
Many girls, they wear that dress tonight
I'll take a ray of light from outside, from sunshine

But if it's the wrong way back,
could it be the right way up?
I don't wanna know what you said
I don't wanna know
These girls are out of control, so I'm told

Many girls, they ask you what you meant
and then get angry with your answer, I guess
Many girls, they lie around in bed,
surprised at all that's left
The rest do the right thing

Oh when our love is cold,
will you wanna love my soul?
I don't wanna know what you said
I don't wanna know
These girls are out of control, so I'm told
Track Name: Emperor
Kurosawa sat on his tatami mat
at eleven o'clock thinking about thought
The geisha girls were gone

Everyone thought he was Emperor
but that was the papers
and that was a lie
Track Name: College Song
I just wanna play dice with a jug of sangria
until the sun comes up
And we'll drink the whole jug
Every morning I am born in my bed
and it's the end of a century
Track Name: Mexico
We go to Mexico sometimes
and it's hard to stand up straight
when all the streets are cracked to pieces
And my god it's so late
In the night, we'll start fights and trip over ourselves

We drink the water when we're down there
It tastes nice, it tastes like wine
I try to barter for some figures
The cheap ones, you know the kind
You know me, you know I'm good,
and I'll smile and trip over myself
Track Name: For the North
After all is said and done
you find a path and build a home
Don't be surprised, I'm still alive
I built a cabin in the woods
and I would never see a soul
Except if you come to my door, then
I'd be your fool, your cigarette smoke

The tea gets cold after the dawn,
so I gotta drink it down
before I hear someone approach
And when it snows all year long
I write a book and read the bible
But I get bored when I'm alone, so
I take control, until it takes hold

Hold onto a terrible solution
I'm the only movement
I'm the only newsprint in your home
Telling you to leave for the north
Until it takes hold
Track Name: Turn Each Other
So many are starved or wasted potential
And my circumstances made my chances for survival
I've crashed enough,
I've crashed too many pity parties
It used to be how we got around

The computer kept me company
And my thoughts returned to memories
I cannot live in memories,
This isn't how it's supposed to go down
It used to be how we got around
It used to be you

We were only seventeen,
That's the age you're supposed to be

This isn't right, and this is your life
Do what you want but right now
I'm shaking my head and ready to sigh
For the third time tonight
I know it isn't good timing, but
Tonight we will escape fate
and turn each other's lives around
Girl looked better with her hair down

We wanted a rave, but the ice
Was only cubed and not a block as specified
So there would be no ice-blocking that night
Not enough slide, but
Tonight we will escape fate
and turn each other's lives around
Girl looked better with her hair down

Looking for a fish that doesn't exist
at midnight when the moon is full
and the tide is low and the sand soft
and the bonfire embers slowly going out
with the slightest breeze through SB trees
and millions of dollar homes
with skinny long driveways
made for nose-manualing down all the way
You don't believe I could ride it down,
All the way

I could ride it to the end of the driveway
I could ride it to the end
Where the pavement gets too rough
and the hill you fell on begins
Track Name: Excuse Me Miss
You used me, you used me up
Is is alright to care? Cause I wanna care
Two and a half hours is not that far
That one day when it was raining
and we lay in your room
Holding each other
Listening to the water hit your roof
That was a sexy afternoon

Excuse me, excuse me miss
Can we make love tonight?
Cause the lighting's right
Two in the morning is not that dark
That one day when it was late
and yes I tried, but my car wouldn't start
Outside your house
Listening to the siren sounding off
What to do, that wasn't in the afternoon

I'm sleeping but I'm talking, sleeptalking
and I don't know why
I sleepwalked to my garage
and you were there to pull me back inside
When I awoke nobody spoke
of all the things I did wrong in my life
It was a dream or so it seemed but
I forget just what happened last night
I'll always forget how good we have it
But to you, it wasn't a sexy afternoon
Track Name: Lion in the Tide
On the side of a mountain
Lined with violence
In silence there is light
Did I find you on the island?
The lion in the tide
I took a picture of the ocean
It motions me to bed
Will you come and see me often?
I've gotten so depressed

I don't believe in the world you found me in
You've got a lot of love to give

At the end of a forgettable country
It calls me as a friend
Will the city make excuses,
abuse our common sense?
I said no so many mornings
I won't get out of bed
Til I find another woman
as certain of her flesh

I don't believe in the world you found me in
You've got a lot of love to give
And it's so hard to live
Track Name: Fast Asleep
All of us, we all trust
We put them at ease
What does it mean to be loved by those
face down in the snow-covered streets
And I came back home, blown fuses
and fire in the trees
LA was fast asleep
But my love she woke up
and made it back to me
So all's well

All of us, we all trust
We put them at ease
What does it mean when the kids outside
Try to hide themselves from the beasts
And I shot one down before a boy
Yeah he was shaking in his feet
I took him to the sea
And we were safe as we sailed
Away from the beach
So all's well

We found a way out
And the island's a ways out
We'll get there in about three days
or so they say
We'll make sure you get treated
But in the meantime sleep it off
And all's well
Track Name: Foreign Film
I've made mixtapes for imaginary people
I'm trying to find myself in foreign films
But they're always black-and-white
And I've never even been to Italy
When I say shapes are absurd
You call me a square
You draw me in a notebook
The proof is there, when I will be hopeful
I made up my name and where I live
My family and interests
The time I spend worrying, I made that up
I thought myself neurotic
I made up a language
I made up a story for myself, only vowels
And I said, the kid is dead now

I go down on your tones now I feel
more like a man, now I feel
more like I am,
like I am